• Pro Desks Car Mount Provider

    Pro Desks is an online Canadian car laptop mount provider. Pro Desks has mounting solutions for virtually all vehicles: cars, trucks, big rigs, SUVs.

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  • Car Mount Designed For Serious Use

    All the laptop car mounting systems at Pro Desks are durable and were especially designed for being used in serious applications.

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Other Car Mount Laptop

Pro Desks offers some more car mount laptop models. For more laptop car mount products by this provider, check out Pro Desks main store at Pro-desks.com.

Pro Desks Car Mount Provider

Located in North America, Pro Desks specializes in providing top car mounting solutions with the top-notch customer service. They serve clients working in all fields, especially those who work in construction, law enforcement and police fields. Pro Desks has over 12 years of experience providing laptop car mounts online. Besides car mounts, the company also provide laptop mount desks for other vehicles such as trucks, big rigs, SUVs, police vehicles.

Mongoose Car Mount In Action!

Pro Desks have separate car mount laptop desk stores for American and Canadian customers. The desks are the same, the different stores allow simple payment process for customers. If you live in Canada, feel free to check out Canadian store below.

Pro Desks Contact Details

Pro Desks - Uppgroup Inc. 6016 Athelston Hartford Road Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H5

  • sales@pro-desks.com
  • (800) 780-6029